Interface design for a real-life game engine

adaptor:ex is a versatile and customizable tool that enables you to create engaging interactive performances, theater games, installations, chatbot adventures, or bonus levels for existing projects. With adaptor:ex, you can bring your ideas to life in both physical and digital spaces. The framework is open-source and provides a comprehensive documentation on how to install, use and modify it according to your needs.

The project involved not only the design of the tools interface itself, but to give a structure to its features in the first place. With a previous version of the tool and a lot of ideas we sat down to collect all the technical features and create a valuable user journey. We had to evaluate where every feature lives in the tool, to make it as accessible and useful as possible for our users. When we had the first version, we immediately started to test, improve and document adaptor:ex.

adaptor:ex is a project by machina eX and part of the machina commons.

the adaptor:ex interface with a few story nodes (called „states“)
adaptor in live mode
adaptor:ex in live mode
design of different states
design of different states
a picture of our miro post it board
this is where we started