Logo and Corporate Design.

AWAMA is a tech start-up that has set itself the task of making wastewater management innovative, sustainable and future-oriented.

In this case, the logo, icons and a corporate design were created. It was important for the customer to integrate the innovative approach with simple symbols in the logo. A unique signet was created that is reminiscent of a fingerprint and creates a special connection to the brand.

awama - Darstellung zu Aufbau und Idee zu der Wort- und Bildmarke
awama - Darstellung von Logo und Claim
awama - Abbildung von Icons zu den Geschäftsbereich von awama
awama - Darstellung der Konstruktion und Schutzräume des Logo
awama  - Logo-MockUp auf dem Foto einer Luftaufnahme eines Klärwerks
awama - MockUp eines Rollup Displays für Messeauftritte