Identity and online course with basic Tech education for student Teachers

Digi4all provides basic and advanced knowledge about computers and the internet. It collects resources for student teachers, on how to incorporate digital tools in teaching.

Previously, the digi4all content only existed on the closed university platform „StudOn“. We aimed to give digi4all an appealing and modern visual identity first. Based on the visual identity, we created a webdesign to hold all the information in a space that is accessible for everyone. We incorporated all the content on the new website and incorprated it backwards to StudOn via iFrame, to avoid doubled maintenance and doubled content.

Special focus was to create a well structured user flow, which enables the users to go effortles through the contents and focus on learning.

Visit digi4all.de.

See the educational explainer videos that we made to accompany the content.

Digi4All Logo Design
Verspielte Grafik mit Verläufen in den digi4all Hausfarben