dingsda 2mex

management of props and equipment for collectives in the arts community

Dingsda 2meX is a web application designed to make it easier for groups, ensembles, and other organizations to share and use props and equipment together.

One of the challenges we faced when creating the interface was, that it is not uncommon for props to be stored inside other props. Think of 10 hats stored in a suitcase. The application should be able to display an exact location of the item and make it easier to find, borrow and exchange this item. We solved this by giving item the possibility to be a container itself, and displaying a location as a chain of items with only the top-class item having an actual location. So the location of one of our hats would be [Adress] > [Room] > [Shelf] > [Cardboard Box] > [Suitcase].

Dingsda 2meX is part of the machina commons.

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