FoN Posters

Custom project mixed media.

„FoN“ is acronym for Freaks of Nature. The Animals are curious combinations of different species which are natural enimies. The weaker, hunted species hides in the enemy’s body and is able now to lead a quieter life. Likewise, the animal now has new options to exercise its own hunting behavior.

The basis are drawings with ballpen, different fineliners and markers on paper. In digital i put them together to the poster design series.

If you are interested in individual graphics for a unique brand identity, message me.

Freaks of Nature - zwei Postergestaltungen im DIN-Hochformat liegen auf einem Betonboden
Freaks of Nature - drei Postergestaltungen im DIN-Querformat liegen auf einem Betonboden
Freaks of Nature - MockUp eines gerahmten Poster an einer Betonwand hängend