Identity and graphic design for an online university course

digi4all is an online university course created from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University of Bayreuth. Students in Bavaria can sign up online to participate. The course is designed for students of teaching, to claim basic understanding of the digitalization. It is supposed to help them to apply their newly gained knowledge in their future teacher life.

The logo symbolizes the transformation of analog values (waves) to digital values (bars). The colors were chosen to indicate the innovative character of the course. Line-styled graphics can be used for many occasions and compliment the digital character of the design.

educational illustrations

Graphics illustrate the contents of the seminar

In addition to the logo identity of the course, several graphics were designed to be displayed along its contents for improved understanding. A selected choice is displayed.

For animated explainer videos see: ANIMATION

Flexible handling of space and time
Material to enhance creativity
Metacognitive Training
Attention to the needs of the pupils