an augmented reality experience


„ECHOS“ was developed for an augmented reality project from the Institute for Industrial Design. We took the chance to give the visitors of an exhibition an augmented hearing experience, where they can discover history.

The project was displayed at the Werkschau 2017 (July) at the Forum Gestaltung Magdeburg.


Master Interaction Design
Prof. Steffi Hußlein 
Institut for Industrial Design, HS Magdeburg-Stendal 

Elisa Haubert
Robert Wlček –

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Featured in germanys leading media design magazine!

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travelling back in time

with an interactive audiobook


Our sense of hearing allows a story, to be told credible and immersive. The story takes place at the "Forum Gestaltung", a former art school in 1936 and deals with the struggles a young artist had to face, confronted with the forced regulations of the nazi regime.

Small bluetooth transmitters were installed at the „Forum Gestaltung“, a former art school. The visitor gets the journal of the fictive character Käthe Diesling, which is an interactive book with headphones. After putting on headphones, he is able to hear noises from the time Käthe lived. With moving through the old building, he follows the story. If he approaches close enough to one of the bluetooth transmitters, he would hear a cue-sound over the headphones. If he gets close enough to the signal, he could hear a monologue or conversation. In this audio he gets a clue, where to find the next conversation in the building. The book contains a map of the "Forum Gestaltung", so the visitor can navigate through the building. All conversations together build a story, that the visitor experiences. Through this, an interactive audiobook is created.

While the characters of the story are fictional, the content is not. Many artists had to change or stop their performance under the nazi-regime, some were even arrested or fled the country.