Vitalista bewegt

Identity for a fitness trainer

The mission of vitalista is to provide fitness for every generation. It iss rather about doing sports than about being happy in a healthy body.

The design of the identity includes a logo design with several versions for different formats and cases.
The identity also includes a website, where customers find informations about courses, schedules and other offers.
Additionally to the website, some flyers for events were designed.

Everything is published with friendly courtesy of Christian Zwieger. Check out his page:


a mascot for childrens sport

The vitalista baby-phoenix was specially illustrated for children and is part of the visual identity.
He is supposed to motivate kids, take fears and make sports a desirable activity.

responsive web design

because 70% of all internet users browse on mobile

The web design is all about structured information, a clean look and the shortest way possible to the users destination.
Of course, the design fits all devices, from mobile over tablet to desktop.

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