Contribution for #wirvsvirushack hackathon

A multiplayer game to fun up your quarantine life

The „Wir vs. Virus Hackathon“ was introduced by the german government. The aim was to find ideas that help our lifes with the Coronavirus. Our team decided to create an online application, which helps to organize the daily life in isolation. Different quests in six categories bring some fun to rather mundane activites. They connect you with your family and household members, but also creates a virtual competition with people you sadly have to keep on distance.

Collect points and earn badges while solving quests from the different categories. The badges you’ve achieved align seamlessly to a beautiful pattern, showing how far you’ve come and bringing some „light in the dark“.

Because, you know, watering the plants can be a boring chore, unless… you have to do it without someone noticing it. Claim that reward for you, plant-watering ninja!

Quest Images: Nhi Lê-Kellner
Quest Instructions: Robin Hädicke